Staying in shape is important at any age, however, the older we get it becomes increasingly important to stay active with low-impact exercises. This will help keep our bodies strong, and maintain balance, ultimately reducing the risk of injuries. However, for many seniors, high-impact exercises simply aren’t an option. They may lead to joint pain or extreme fatigue. That’s why, it’s great to turn to low-impact sports that can still offer all the benefits of exercise without having to put excessive strain on your body. Here are some low-impact sports ideas that are perfect for seniors who want to stay in shape.


Swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises because it’s one that’s practiced while floating. Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, the body is supported, thus reducing your risk of straining a muscle. Perhaps one of the best advantages of swimming is that it engages the entire body which means you’re not only getting a cardiovascular workout, but you’re also improving your strength. There are many different ways to enjoy swimming as a sport, from group aerobic classes to simply doing laps in the pool.


Woman enjoying some low-impact walking

You might not necessarily think of walking as a sport, but it is!  Walking is a great way to get in a workout since it requires zero equipment whatsoever, and it can be done pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t put any stress on your knees, and yet burns a considerable amount of calories if you do enough of it. Incorporating a walk into your day can have enormous health benefits. The act of walking outside can be even more beneficial since it provides extra vitamin D and fresh air.  It’s also a great way to stay social since walking can be done with others.


Cycling is a low-impact workout that is gentle on your joints, yet incredibly effective for strengthening your body. Whether you ride a stationary indoor bike while watching TV, or decide to cycle outdoors, cycling is one of the most popular sports for seniors because it’s a serious workout without excessive strain.  When practiced outdoors it’s a great way to go on an adventure and explore the world around you.


Golf is one of the most popular ways to get a workout for seniors. It’s not just a leisurely sport that can be enjoyed with friends, but it’s also incredibly physical. While it may not initially seem intense, it requires a considerable amount of walking, and using your upper body when you swing. It also requires a substantial amount of concentration and strategy which can help keep your brain sharp and focused, ultimately improving memory and reducing your chances of developing conditions like dementia.