It’s that lovely time of year again when the smell of pig skins is in the air! No, I am not talking about BBQs or Pork Rinds, it’s College Football time! In just a week, the Big 12 will kick off week one of their upcoming seasons in the NCAA and it can’t come soon enough. 

Out of the 12, only 10 teams have a game schedule for the first week with most of them being played on Saturday, September 3rd. Those looking to catch the first game can tune in to ESPN and Fox Sports 1 on Thursday to watch either West Virginia at Pitt or Central Michigan at Oklahoma State! That is unless you’ve been fortunate enough to get tickets to watch from the stands to support your local college team.

With only a week to go, let’s take a look at some of the matchups we can expect to see in the Big 12 in week one. To check out some of the other key games in the NCAAF in opening week check out our games you don’t want to miss coverage.

Big 12 Game Previews

Thursday, September 1st

West Virginia at Pitt

Kicking the NCAA Big12 games off we have West Virginia at 17 Pitt. Expect both teams to show what they are about and try to get their season off to winning ways. While the game is being played at Pitt, West Virginia is known to have some of the best tailgating around, something every college football fan can appreciate.

Oklahoma State University logo

Central Michigan at 12 Oklahoma State

This is a big matchup as currently, Oklahoma state comes in as the -200 favourite to win it all this year! That means that Central Michigan is going to have its work cut out for them. One thing you can guarantee is that this is going to be a great game of football and look for Oklahoma State to show why they are already the favourite to win.

Friday, September 2nd

Tennessee Tech at Kansas

Kicking off on ESPN+ we can expect both teams to try and forget their last 5 games of the previous season. In their last 5 games, both teams only won 1 each. While there can only be a single winner, they will both be looking to get this NCAA season off to a much better start. 

TCU and Colorado

According to ESPN, TCU is the favourite to win this game with a 68.5% ESPN power index scoring. In their last 5 games, both TCO and Colorado won two each so it seems as if things should be fairly evenly matched. Hopefully, if nothing else we will be in for a great game of football.

Saturday, September 3rd

Southeast Missouri at Iowa State

According to the ESPN power index, ISU has a 98.6% chance of winning this game! I don’t think that is something that SEMO is going to take likely and look for them to make big plays right from the first kick-off! While anything can happen in football, the odds surely are not in SEMO’s favour!

The Big 12's Iowa State Jack Trice Stadium

We have looked a bit into the first five-game scheduled for the Big 12, but five more games can be seen on Saturday!  

  • UTEP at 9 Oklahoma
  • South Dakota at Kansas State
  • UAlbany at 10 Baylor
  • ULM at Texas
  • Murray State at Texas Tech 

Some of the Big 12 teams haven’t played an official league game since November of 2021. With such a long off-season, expect them to have brought in a few new players and spent many hours practising for the upcoming first week of their seasons. 

With the season fast approaching, it seems as if some teams aren’t without drama. TexasTech still hasn’t managed to pick a starting Quarterback. Oklahoma loses linebacker T.D. Roof to a season-ending bicep injury. West Virginia’s Neal Brown needs to hope that bringing in a new offensive coordinator and Quarterback can help them have a better season, or his job may be at risk. While those are only some of the dramas going on, the season is set to start in a week so teams will need to get things sorted out and make sure they are ready to play in the Big 12! 

We have all waited so many months for this and while everyone has their favourite teams I think we can all agree that it’s great to finally have College Football back, especially the Big 12. Whether you are watching in the stands, tailgating outside, or watching from home, the time is upon on where on any given night, something magnificent can happen, and hopefully, we will all get to witness it. 

Why not let us know which Big 12 games you’re looking forward to seeing the most on the opening weekend and who you’re backing to win to top the Big 12 this season to potentially go on and win a National Championship? Leave your comments below for us to check out.

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