There are a lot of things about sporting events that are enjoyable. Sometimes the event itself is great, as long as the team or individual you are supporting wins. Sometimes it is the game day grub that you managed to take enjoyment from. And other times it’ll be the stories of the things that you’ve seen such as a nearby fan catching a baseball, a player falling over the stands and into the crowd or an entitled Karen kicking off and being put in her place.

The great thing about sports is that it’s for everyone. It doesn’t matter what age, race, religion or any other form of self-identification you may have, everyone should be able to enjoy watching or taking part in the sports they love. Sure you get the occasional altercation from some bigoted individuals who don’t like anyone who either doesn’t look the same as them or has a different opinion but fortunately, these incidents are few and far between.

Most fans manage to get along and look out for each other’s welfare so everyone can enjoy the events. Although there are times when you’ll also find an entitled Karen popping up. And that’s why we’re here today, to celebrate some of the hilarious times an entitled Karen has popped up at a sporting event and hasn’t got their way. No matter how many managers they’ve called for and spoken to.

So here are some of the best entitled Karen stories we’ve found on the net that took place in the sporting world:

Entitled Karen thinks a dangerous sport is ok for her child

This one is the story of an entitled Karen who thinks that it’s ok for their young child to take part in an extremely dangerous sport without any safety gear or other precautions. We thank Reddit user u/Dragonzord_Maniac for this one:

The time LeBron got heckled

Just to prove it’s not just mothers believing their children are entitled to anything they want in life and that entitled Karens turn up even at professional sports events, here is the time that one appeared in the stands during a Lakers game.

The incident with the NBA star occurred in February 2021 when fans were slowly being reintroduced back into sports at certain venues following restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. His team went on to win the game against the Atlanta Hawks but not before he was confronted by an entitled Karen.

This entitled Karen’s husband had been heckling James all night and that ended with her pulling down her facemask – during a pandemic, mind you – and verbally abusing James before being escorted out by security, along with three others in her party. The entitled Karen then took to social media to tell James that: “I will [expletive] you up”. There were many more words in the video, mainly beginning with F. She also appeared to think she was entitled to abuse James because she had “courtside seats that I … paid for”.

Entitled male Karen shouts at kids who just want to play tennis

Just to show that entitled Karens aren’t always women, this one is about an entitled male Karen, maybe we should call him entitled Kevin instead?

Anyway, do you know many sports clubs ask you to book a court when at a tennis club? Of course you do, because you likely have common sense. But this entitled Kevin clearly didn’t understand and ended up kicking off at some potential future tennis stars because they had the audacity to play on a court they booked. Thanks to u/ForswornPheonix on Reddit for this story.

Swimming pools seem to attract entitled parents

Whilst this one didn’t take place at an actual sporting event or in a leisure complex, it’s a great example of the type of scenarios entitled Karens often find themselves in and are made to look like idiots.

This particular incident posted by Reddit user TwirlyShirley8 is another entitled Kevin who decided to promise his daughter that she could swim in a pool. A pool he didn’t own and didn’t have permission to use. You can probably guess how this one is going to end but we’ll let you read it anyway.

Entitled mother outbreak at a basketball game

Mothers can be some of the worst entitled Karens you will ever meet because they feel that they should get whatever they want and so should their children. This post from ZCSApollo on Reddit looks like a long read but it’s a great story.

Angry Entitled Karens Harassing Referee

So what did you think of our entitled Karen stories? Hilarious? Sad? A bit of both? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to tell us your own entitled Karen and Kevin stories.

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