We are on the home stretch of the 2022 NFL regular season with Week 16 just about to begin. But before we get to that, week 15 has been one of the wildest weeks ever in the league’s history so let’s take a look at what happened.

What happened in Week 15?

It was a crazy weekend where three teams, the Bengals, Jaguars, and Vikings all overcame a 17-point deficit to win their matches; for the first time in the history of the NFL. Viking’s dramatic comeback from a 33 points half-time deficit to win 39 – 36 against Indianapolis Colts was the largest in NFL’s history.

A rundown of the biggest results

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks opened the week on Thursday, with the 49ers fending off Seahawks 21 -13 to clinch the NFC West.

The biggest thrill occurred on Saturday at OT, where the Vikings came from 33 – 0 down at the break to beat Colts 39 – 36. As a result, the Vikings clichéd the NFC North and a playoff spot.

Buffalo Bills also clinched a playoff spot after seeing off the Miami Dolphins 32 -29 on a snow-filled night. Bills needed the fourth quarter to turn things around, having performed poorly in the third quarter.

The Kansas City Chiefs were another team that sealed a playoff spot on Sunday when they won their seventh consecutive AFC West title, defeating the Huston Texans 30 -24 in extra time.

The Cincinnati Bengals extended their lead in the AFC North after registering a massive comeback against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Baltimore Ravens fell one game behind the Bengals after faltering against the Cleveland Browns.

In NFC East, the New York Giants leapfrogged the Washington Commanders to set the stage for a thrilling ending in the battle for a playoff spot. The Dallas Cowboys, who slumped to a 40 -34 defeat at the hands of the Jaguars, are also in the picture.

There is a tight battle for the playoffs at the NFC South, pitting the Buccaneers, Panthers, Saints, and Falcons.

Minnesota Vikings fans in the stands

Games to watch out for in week 16

Week 16 starts on Thursday, with the weather expected to play a significant role in some of these games. Below are some of the key games we think are worth watching and our predictions for who could come out on top:

New York Jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars

The New York Jets start Week 16’s schedule when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars, who had an impressive weekend beating the Cowboys in extra time, aim at riding on the momentum to repeat the heroics. Though the Jets’ defence will mount a serious challenge, and this game is theirs to lose.

The Jets are at 7 -7 after losing 20 – 17 to the Lions in a close match. They have lost their last three games, with the effect of Mike White’s absence evident. Could it be enough of an edge for the Jaguars to win? We think so.

New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings

The New York Giants are one win away from a playoff spot, which they last managed to achieve in 2016. Week 16 will be important if they are to make the playoffs again and other factors need to play to their advantage; however, their victory over Commanders in their last match made things promising for them.

The Minnesota Vikings have already done what they need to do to make the playoffs, so could we see a weakened side on the field to give key players a break? Only time will tell but it’s going to be a close game and we fancy the Giants to just get over the line.

New England Patriots Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The New England Patriots will be up against Cincinnati Bengals at the Gillett Stadium this Saturday for their game in Week 16. The patriots’ 10 -2 home record over the Bengals, including 4 – 0 at Gillette, will motivate them in this game.

The Patriots have won eight of the last ten games between the two teams. But the Bengals have been in fine form this season and will be wanting to make up for losing out in the Super Bowl last season, so we fancy backing them ahead of the Week 16 games.

New England Patriots vs Cincinnati Bengals in Week 16

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

In another notable game, Philadelphia Eagles, 13 – 1, hope to continue with their fine form in Week 16 when they face the Cowboys, 10 -4, on Saturday afternoon.

The Eagles are on a five-match winning streak and quickly dispatched Chicago Bears over the weekend. However, quarterbacks Jalen Hurts’ right shoulder injury could keep him out of the game. Minshew, one of the best backups in the league, will step up to keep the Eagles’ offence going with his elite receiving corps and game-reading prowess.

Dallas is looking to forget the heartbreaking loss of the past week, where they blew up a 17-point lead to lose against the Jaguars. Their defence dropped the ball in the second half to allow Jaguar’s offence to churn a 57% success rate.

Dallas has an all-time better record over the Eagles of 72 – 55 and was on a three-match winning streak before losing to the Eagles in week 6. But come Week 16 we think the Eagles are going to add another W to their record this season.

Seattle Seahawks Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs head to Arrowhead Stadium in Week 16 after uninspiring wins at Houston and Denver. They had problems in these games and even needed the extra time to win at Texas.

The Chiefs are 11 – 3, which is a good record, but considering how they have played lately, it’s hard to tell how things will turn out at Arrowhead.

On their part, things have not been good for Seattle, who have lost four of their last five games. They are in a free flow, and it’s hard to see them saving the season. The chiefs have immense talent that’s hard for Seahawks to match.

Both teams expect a healthy squad for the game. Mecole Hardman is back to bolster the Chiefs’ offence and with Kadarius Toney also fit, the Chiefs should have no problem scoring.

For even more coverage of the NFL and previews for the upcoming weeks, check out our American Football section. We’ll cover all of the results from Week 16 next week in our Week 17 preview.