Jaylen Brown All in!

Yes, that is right, Jaylen Brown has said that he is all in with Boston! While it was rumored that he may be involved with the trade for ‘KD’ should that go ahead, it seems as if he is happy and willing to remain loyal to the Celtics.

He may have got a bit frustrated last year but overall, according to insiders around the league he is loyal and will not cause any problems, should Boston want to keep him around! Considering how well they did last year, it seems like it would be a big mistake to shake things up too much, even if it was for someone like Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant Trade Rumors

This has to currently be the big news surrounding the Celtics, Kevin Durant. While it seems like he would be a great addition to the team, it looks as if the Brooklyn Nets are still asking a bit too much for him! While it is obvious KD wants out of Brooklyn, the Celtics definitely have the upper hand when it comes to trade talks.

It has been rumored that the Brooklyn Nets would consider a trade for Durant if the Celtics would offer up a couple of their better players. The problem is, that Boston made it to the finals with a young team. The same team that beat the Nets in the first round of the playoffs to advance.

So, why would Boston give up on a team that was clearly better a few months ago? Well, the answer is they hopefully won’t! While KD is a great player, he has shown that he needs a very good team around him to make it through the playoffs and unfortunately, can’t do it on his own! We all love a good bit of drama between New York and Boston-based teams. While this rivalry isn’t as bad as the Red Sox and Yankees, it is still one to watch!

Rob Williams III

Williams showed he had what it took to be a massive part of the Celtics team, especially in their run to the finals. Williams improved so much that Celtics.com named him the Most improved player of the year. This comes after being made a starter and averaging around 30min/game throughout the season.

Williams III had his name put into the record books a number of times throughout the season but one of his most impressive performances had to have been against the Phoenix Suns on New Year’s Eve. Williams went 5 for 5 from the field and finished the game with 11 rebounds, 10 points, 10 assists, 5 blocks, and 2 steals! This amazing performance made him the only player in league history to have a 5-block triple-double without missing a shot!

If you ask me, this has helped to cement him as a key role player within the Celtics starters and the rest of the league better take note and take Williams III seriously! He helped the Celtics on both sides of the court, taking pressure off Brown and Tatum, and also managed to get back on defense and use his shot-blocking abilities to cause even more trouble.

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Final Thoughts At The Moment

While the Boston Celtics’ finals run ended earlier than they had hoped, they made it there with a young team and a rookie Head Coach. Ime Udoka is only just getting started after taking over for Brad Stevens and if he can keep things going, the Celtics will have more finals runs in the coming years. While it is still a bit early to say how the 22/23 season will go, the Celtics are definitely going to be a team to watch out for!

It will be interesting to watch what moves they make from now until the season starts but in my opinion, I hope they carry on from last year. The team from last season played their hearts out, got to the finals, and deserves another chance to prove what they are capable of without getting spoken up too much!

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