After defeating the Toronto Blue Jays 5-2, the Yankees have clinched the AL East. This win will see the Yankees get a bye in week 1 of the playoffs and advance straight to the second round of the Major League Baseball playoffs.

The last time the Yankees won the division was in 2019 and for the past 2-years, it has been the Tampa Bay Rays that have won the AL East.

They have a lot going for them and it will be interesting to see how things play out. Aaron Judge is still sitting at 60 homers this season after not homering in his last 7-games. Judge went 1-2 in Tuesday’s win and also was walked four separate times! seems the Blue Jays pitching staff was not interested at all in helping Judge get that record-tying 61st home run.

Can The Yankees Do It All

They are now 95-59 and have two more series to go to round off the rest of the season. Can the Yankees get a 100-win season? Will Aaron Judge be able to get his 61st and another one or two? Or, will the Yankees rest judge for a few games to make sure he is fully rested for the playoffs? There are a lot of what-ifs for the Yankees but all signs are pointing to yes. Yes, they will get 100 wins and yes, Judge will get at least his 61st home run of the season. All we need to do now is watch and wait for it all to happen.

The Yankees still have one more game in their series against the Blue Jays before they take on the Baltimore Orioles in a 3-game series at home. After the Orioles, the Yankees will head to Texas to take on the rangers in a 4-game series to wrap up the regular season. As mentioned, the Yankees currently have 95 wins and have only eight games left to see if they can hit that all impressive 100 win season. 

Aaron Judge is currently tied for 2nd most home runs in a season and who else should he be tied with but the legend himself, The Great Bambino. That’s Right, Aaron Judge is tied with Babe Ruth for the 2nd most homers in the MLB American League. Judge is in elite company and there is only a small handful of players in the whole of the MLB that have had more home runs than he has this season.

Barry Bonds still holds the record for most home runs in a season with 73. He is closely followed by Mark McGwire who has the 2nd and 3rd place home run titles with 70 and 65 respectively. If Judge can get to that elusive 62nd home run, he will be the 3rd most home run hitter in MLB history. With eight games left, anything is still possible! 

When all is said and done, the Yankees are set and have nothing to worry about until the playoffs. They can now play for bragging rights or they can make sure that their star players as well rested and ready for the playoffs!  

If you are a fan of the Yankees or not and live in the UK, the BBC has signed a new MLB deal to show the Yankees and Red Sox games next season

MLB Game between New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox

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