Hello and welcome to a little feature I’m trying out called Flashback Friday or #FlashbackFriday for all you cool kids out there on your TikTok’s, Twitterbook and myspace pages (that’s a thing still right?).

Anyway, we thought it’d be fun each Friday to take a little bit of a look back in time to see what sporting history was made on this day many years ago. Like a little flashback that’s somewhat educational. And because it’s on a Friday, Flashback Friday made sense. Now that I’ve mansplained the hell out of that, shall we see what fascinating sporting history was made on this day in the past?

Flashback Friday: October 14th


Our first Flashback Friday moment takes us way back to 1916 during World War I so this may come as a surprise to many considering that a lot of sport was cancelled due to the German’s trying to take over Europe at that time. Despite all the turmoil though, that didn’t stop Englishman Jim Barnes defeating Jock Hutchison by 1 hole in the 36-hole final of the very 1st PGA Championship which took place at Siwanoy Country Club, Bronxville, NY. Golf has been growing in popularity ever since.

Flashback Friday image of Englishman Jim Barnes playing golf


We jump forward in time quite a bit with our next Flashback Friday inclusion and also change sports completely too. On this day in 1965 the sporting world, or at least a bunch of Americans, witnessed the Los Angeles Dodgers edge out the Minnesota Twins in Game 7 of the World Series 2-0 in order to claim their third title since their relocation from Brooklyn to LA.


This one may be a little bit of a cheat inclusion because it’s nothing to do with actual sports, but something that took place at a sporting event instead. However, it keeps with the baseball theme of the last one and it’s our site anyway, so we’ll allow it.

On this day at the end of the 70s, prior to Game 3 of the World Series which took place at Dodgers Stadium, Linda Ronstadt sung the national album. Only the one though, because despite being called the World Series, only teams from the US and Canada actually take part so really, it’s just a North American series.

ANYWAY, her appearance came under intense scrutiny due to the casual attire that Ronstadt wore, but despite the controversy, it was ranked by the Washington Examiner as the second-best rendition of the national anthem ever performed at a sporting event.


One of the greatest players in the history of hockey, never mind the NHL, was Wayne Gretsky. Even people who didn’t watch the physical sport had heard of his name and more often than not knew who he was.

In his long career spanning over 20 years Gretsky played for a whole host of sides including the Indianapolis Racers, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers. He played a total of 1,695 regular and postseason NHL games supplying 2,223 assists and scoring 1,016 goals. And it was on this day all that time ago that Gretsky scored his first NHL goal.

I wonder if any knew how good of a player, he would go on to be following that moment? I bet he never thought he’d feature in the That’s All Sport Flashback Friday feature that’s for sure.

Wayne Gretzky playing hockey back in the day


On this day following the turn of a new millennium, one of motor sports greatest ever drivers, Michael Schumacher won his 4th Formula 1 World Drivers Championship. The German who dominated the sport for years driving for Ferrari won the championship by a whopping 58 points over David Coulthard when he claimed his 9th win of the season at the Japanese GP.


The last thing on our Flashback Friday feature this week is a little bit of cricket. But who made history and what did they do?

Well, it was Afghan batsman Hazratullah Zazai who managed to make history by becoming only the 6th player in cricket history and the 3rd in T20 cricket to hit 6-sixes in a single over. He went on to score 62 in 17 balls but sadly his efforts went unrewarded because his team Kabul Zwanan still lost to the Balkh Legends in the Afghanistan Premier League. Oh well, at least he got a spot in our Flashback Friday feature, right?

Closing thoughts

Well, there we have it. A nice mixture of different pieces of sporting history from completely different sports. Hopefully you enjoyed our Flashback Friday feature and you’ll keep coming back for more, but if you don’t like it, please let me know. I would save so much time not having to write this I’d actually be quite grateful. Anyway, that’s all for now. See you back here next week for more of the same.

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