The ICC T20 World Cup, unquestionably one of the best cricket competitions in the world, will take place in Australia. Due to the ongoing epidemic, the T20 World Cup in Australia, which was initially scheduled to take place in 2020, has been moved to 2022.

For the Australians, who are also the defending champions after defeating New Zealand by eight wickets in the last championship game, the World Cup represents something of a homecoming. In this competition, 16 teams will face off against one another in a total of 45 matches as they compete for the coveted trophy.

But who will be involved?

2022 ICC T20 World Cup Teams

Sixteen teams will compete in the tournament in October 2022 to win the World Cup. Based on their T20I standings and prior results, 12 of the 16 teams had already qualified. But the remaining four had to compete in two global qualifying stages that were planned before the start of the World Cup, from here the remaining four teams would advance.

Two were guaranteed their places in the World Cup through each qualifier.

  • The first global qualifier was held in Oman from February 18–24, 2022.
  • The second global qualifier took place in Zimbabwe from July 11–17, 2022.

We’ve listed some of the eligible teams most likely to win the T20 World Cup below, along with some significant players you should keep an eye out for:


Although India’s batting lineup is admirable, Kohli and Sharma are frequently relied upon. They are unbeatable once they get their rhythm, but it could be a weakness if their wickets fall early. With players like Bumrah and Yadav, the pace department is vital, which is advantageous because a pace attack is preferred on most grounds.


Superstar players like Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow, Dawid Malan, and Jofra Archer are all in one of the top-ranked T20 squads. Both the team’s bowling assault and batting order are excellent. What these men will unleash on green pitches is a mystery to us.

England Cricketer Jonny Bairstow

New Zealand

The Kiwis had a successful season in 2018, winning the ICC Test Championship and making it to the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup finals. Captain Kane Williamson has led the squad for many years and performed admirably as a batsman.


Pakistan’s T20 game is heavily reliant on quick runs and hard-hitting balls. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are the top-ranked batsmen for the Pakistani team in the ICC T20 batting rankings. Additionally, the squad features a dangerous pace bowling combination that has been effective recently.


Due to home-field advantage and the fact that they are the current champions, the team will approach the tournament with a sense of confidence. Australia’s T20 performance hasn’t been reliable, but their World Cup performance last year demonstrated the team’s potential. Although the team is unquestionably in the lead, do they have what it takes to win another World Cup? Time will only tell!

Australia T20 Players after beating Sri Lanker

ICC T20 World Cup betting tips

Study the game.

If you’re going to place some bets on the T20 World Cup, do extensive research. Investigate the pitch’s condition, weather predictions, the schedule, the best bookies for the competition, bonus offers, and free bets, to name a few crucial elements. Doing a thorough study helps you avoid dumb errors and clarifies how you wish to develop your betting strategy.

Team and Player Performances on the Track

Keep up with team news, statistics, and player performance to win at ICC T20 World Cup betting and keep on top of the action.

Such data gives the team and player-specific top scores, strike rates, wicket records, and other crucial data elements that may be used to swiftly and confidently place bets in such markets. This is very important for Cricket World cup games.

Realistic betting is advised.

If you gamble, bet on athletes whose teams have a decent probability of moving on to the championship round.

Rashid Khan, for instance, is everyone’s favourite in the Top Bowler market (and with good reason too). However, consider whether Afghanistan has a chance to go to the semifinals before betting on him. Because if they don’t, other teams’ bowlers will have an additional opportunity to take more wickets than Khan.

The ICC T20 World Cup Trophy

Our ICC T20 World Cup prediction

Predicting a long time before the event will undoubtedly lead our readers astray because, during that time, the team, captain, and coach might undergo significant changes. Any such adjustments might impact the team’s chances of winning. However, as it stands, we’re expecting an England vs Australia final, with New Zealand the likely one to replace either of these teams if they meet earlier in the knockout stages.

Being an Englishman myself, I’d happily back them to go all the way, but that same reason is why I also am setting myself up for disappointment already. So many teams have had all the promise and top talents the world has had to offer in the past, but they inevitably choke or come up against stern opposition who are happy to hold tight.

Either way, we’ll be in for a fantastic ICC T20 World Cup tournament.


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