We’ve covered the season at the half way stage, and now it’s time for some weekly NFL previews. All eyes are on the NFL Week 14 first game as Los Angeles Rams battle it out with the Las Vegas Raiders. But before we take a look at that and some of the other upcoming games, let’s check out some of the action from Week 13 which was lined up with tough games, and a showdown worth watching.

Week 13 major highlights

The New York Giants tied 20-20 with the Washington Commanders. What an interesting game, as this was New York Giants’ first tie since 1997 when they tied once again with the Commanders. The last time the Commanders tied in a football match was in 2016 when they faced the Cincinnati Bengals. 

The match between the Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs was a real showdown in Cincinnati. The Bengals won this AFC match 27-24 against the Chiefs. The Bengals were successful in containing Travis Kelce. The Bengals were not playing an ‘A’ game but still managed to trounce.

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Miami Dolphins 33-17 in their Week 13 match. Miami worked extra hard, and Tyreek Hill’s track speed in the second half was enough testament. Brock Purdy started the game for the 49ers, played safe, and lived up to DeMeco Ryans’ defence. 

The Dallas Cowboys won 54-19 over the Indianapolis Colts. The game was very close, 21-19, towards the fourth quarter, but the Colts defence could not keep up with the pressure. Malik Hooker even got a chance for revenge on his former team by successfully making an interception. 

Week 13 picture from the Dallas Cowboys 54-19 win over the Indianapolis Colts

Week 14 is here. What can we expect?

Raiders vs. Rams 

According to ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI), the Raiders have a 78% chance of winning this Week 14 game, while the Rams’ chance sits at 21.8%. Even though Los Angeles’ major players like Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Allen Robinson are on the bench due to injuries, the Raiders’ chances of winning this game are still slim. 

The Raiders have been on a winning streak in the last two games. We can only wait and see if the Raiders’ star players, such as Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams, will trounce the undermanned Rams. 

Jets vs. Bills 

The AFC East just got interesting as we are about to witness the Bills face the Jets. The Bills are ahead of the Jets as per the current standings. However, the difference is only two games leading into Week 14. 

The Jets will be seeking to close the gap. On the other hand, the Bills will be working hard to expand the gap. The last time the two teams met was in Week 7 when the Jets beat the Bills 20-17. Based on their current form, the Bills will likely win in Week 14.

Eagles vs. Giants 

The Giants are not living up to their name, as they haven’t won a game since November 13. Most recently, the ‘best’ they have had was the 20-20 tie with the Commanders in Week 13. 

Philadephia Eagles’ offense is in top form, but the Giants cannot afford to slump now. Scoring 28.2 points per game, Philadephia now ranks second in the NFL and 3rd in total yards per game at the Week 14 stage. 

If the Giants want to win this game, they must put forward a strong defence. The Eagles have won 9 times in the last 11 encounters with the Giants. The Eagles are likely to win this game based on their current form. 

Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants Week 14 game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. 49ers

Most of the focus for Week 14 is likely on Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady and rookie Brock Purdy for the San Francisco 49ers.

Purdy is making his first career start, and fans will be waiting to see what the 262nd pick of the 2022 NFL Draft is made of. 

Brady, on the other hand, is a record breaker who has had 15-time Pro Bowl selections, three-time NFL MVP awards and is a seven-time Superbowl champion. 

The 49ers are on top of the AFC West, winning the last five games in a row. However, Week 13 was not okay for them as Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a broken foot. The 49ers now rely on Purdy. 

Purdy is a rookie QB, while Tampa Bay Buccaneers have experienced defenders like Devin White and Lavonte David. Tampa Bay Buccaneers is more like to win this match. 

Dolphins vs. Chargers 

The Chargers have lost 3 games in the last 4 weeks. The Chargers are now at a record of 6-6, and desperation is already kicking in. They must win at least four of the next five games to keep their postseason hopes alive. 

Miami Dolphins are in recovery mode, having won 5 of their 6 last games. The Dolphins are likely to win this Week 14 match. 

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Ravens are without quarterback Lamar Jackson for Week 14. The effect of the absence of Jackson was seen as they played against the Broncos. 

The Steelers will be looking up to Pickett, Najee Harris and George Pickens to outpace the Ravens. The Steelers’ game has improved a lot in the recent past. However, they still have to work on their finishing. The Steelers are most likely to carry the day.

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